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Keep Your People Safe

Whether you run a large office, local gym, popular restaurant or a even busy high school, our solution for daily health screening and our compliance confirmation system is the easiest to implement public health screening and the smoothest solution to keep your organization running efficiently.

Protect Your Business

Protect yourself using our Covid mitigation compliance confirmation system and facilitate contact tracing using our well documented temperature checks reports.

Solutions Just for You

We know every company or large organization may need different data aggregation or specific criteria specified by a governing board or insurance company. Let us build it just how you need it!

How iScreen works

iScreen.Health is a QR code based application which allows attendees, workers, performers and students to submit their daily Covid mitigation compliance agreement before arriving onsite.

The iScreen Kiosk will greet them at the location’s entry point with a bluetooth thermometer to get their daily temperature. The iScreen Kiosk sends the information through a secure connection to our servers.

There is no need for the user to touch the iScreen Kiosk and a kiosk operator is not required so to reduce potential exposure.

Users can register quickly using our easy web interface or you can provide iScreen Health with a spreadsheet with their information and we will generate the QR codes and send them an email message and/or a SMS text message with their unique QR Code and account access..

iScreen Health also provides you with reports in a spread sheet. We include each user’s QR code so it can be printed on badges or invitations. If you’d prefer us to send you the badges, just let us know.

iScreen also offers the capability to store vaccination and test records for individuals if needed. The can serve as a Covid Passport for verification purposes.

Get Back Together

With an iScreen Health Kiosk positioned at the entrance of your building, you can be assured that each person entering the building has confirmed their commitment to your particular mitigation guidelines and also has a body temperature within the specified healthy range.

The data is then stored on our secure servers and is made available to your administrators in an easy to understand spreadsheet.

This protects your company by giving you current data on the health status of your people and allows you to trace contacts and prevent a further outbreak in your community. Let’s keep your door open for business!

Touch-Free Temperature Screening

Our Touch-Free system makes it easy to have as little physical exposure time as possible.

The iScreen Kiosk does not require an operator, nor does it require the user to touch the screen. The employee, customer or student just waves their unique QR code in front of the iScreen Kiosk and takes their temperature using the infrared iScreen Thermometer.

If the temperature checks out, they’re good to go!

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